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 A marriage ?! A bodyguard ?!

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PostSubject: A marriage ?! A bodyguard ?!   Fri 6 Oct - 13:31

A chorus of laughter can be heard from outside the saloon.
People walking outside try to not walk on the pavement near it, knowing that often bullets ricochet inside the saloon and end up exiting the saloon to hit the poor bystanders walking too close. The roof of the saloon frequently jumps in the air alongside the sound of people fighting inside. The largemouth that accompanies the title of the saloon -''The Smiling Sally Saloon''- laugh in a deep, maniacal way, every time someone yowl in pain inside. The saloon's exterior is pretty colorful, paint with bright colors that draw attention easily, which is ironic considering the bad reputation of the place.

Inside, there's a thick amount of smoke, like a toxic fog, floating. Everyone inside is smoking a cigar or two or five, accompanied by drinks. Alchohol is flowing and the beautiful waitresses are walking pompously around the tables, dressed in their most beautiful attires and their faces covered in thick makeup. They flutter their eyelashes at any man tipping them for their good service and it starts brawls inside. People laugh, cheer, the onomatopoeia of fighting sounds accompanying the punches of the barely standing men. The onomatopoeia of laughter sounds and cheers are following.
Jazz music is playing in the background, from the jukebox, creating a convivial atmosphere despite the numerous fights and gunshots.

In the opaque saloon, there are two men in blue drinking at a table in the corner of the room. There's no fight on their side and they avoid each collision from flying objects or bodies smoothly. The men sitting at the table, who looks eerily similar to each other in appearance, are playing a game of cards. One of them wears glasses on his nose while the other has on his shoulder a bird companion that looks at the cards more intensely than the man who is playing.
The cigar caught between the bird's beak is quickly being consumed, an evident sign of nervousness. The man in glasses from across the table smirk and, in the suavest voice existing in this universe, calls it out;

''You could show me your cards, it would give me the same hint.''

The bird seems to catch on immediately and screams in horror, nearly fainting on the spot. The bird looks apologetically at his partner but the blue man doesn't even look in his direction. His own cigar, held in thin lips, make several circles of smokes, each of them contributing to nothing in the conversation as the man stay silent, not bothering to answer to his opponent. His ''twin'' from across the table chuckles.

That's when they are interrupted by a waitress, a giant ribbon lady with legs and arms, wearing stockings and classy gloves that go up to the shoulders. She signs something to them with her hands and makes the motion ''telephone'' with her fingers to the man without the glasses. The man in blue nods with a grunt before standing up, setting his cards upside down on the table. He nods towards his partner, who nods his head back in acknowledgment, before walking away. With his long limbs, the walk to the phone at the bar is effortless, barely a few steps. The bird look behind its shoulder, to look in the direction of the other man in blue remaining at their table and see him obviously cheating by looking at the upside down cards on the table. The glassed man displays suddenly a victorious expression at the cards placed there. The bird frowns in anger at the sight of it, his face taking a bright red color and his cigar explode. He tries to speak to his partner about it, but the man simply holds his beak close with a hand, while the other takes the telephone receiver to bring it closer to his ear. The bird takes the hint and crosses its wings sulkily, tapping its foot on the guy's shoulder.

The man grunts in the phone as a greeting. The other person starts talking,
but for anyone outside the man, the only thing that they hear is a muffled screaming voice. The man grunts periodically to answer to the other person,
but besides that, he barely makes a sound. The bird, who freed itself from the hand around its beak, tries to get closer to the telephone receiver to listen,
but a gloved hand shoo him away. The bird sulks away and gets a newspaper out of nowhere to read while his partner is busy, tapping his foot on his shoulder while he waits.

The wait isn't long, however, and soon enough the man hangs up. He thanks the barman with a nod of his head, before coming back to his table. He doesn't sit back into his chair and only looks at his card partner with a slight frown. The four-eyed man seems to understand immediately and smiles at him.

''It's fine, go.''

The man grunts as an answer, turning his back to leave,
but pause in his step. He turns his head towards his lookalike, a hint of a smile on his blue lips, before saying in a gravelly voice;

''Incidentally, I win.''

The other's smile freeze on the spot, confused for a second. The bird seems confused too, but the man doesn't explain himself and leave.
The bird hears a colorful swear and he looks behind his shoulder, to see the man at the table turning the upside down cards on the table. It reveals a winning streak.

''How ?! What ?! When ?!''

The bird hear his partner chuckles in amusement as they exit the saloon.


The man stops in front of a shady looking building. He gets out of his black car effortlessly despite the fact that long limbs like his shouldn't be able to fit inside. He walks towards the door which two birdmen seem to guard. They both wear suits and fedoras. They are huge, easily taller than him and they know it, using their height to pressure him. The bird on his shoulder tremble in fear from the intimidation used on them, but it doesn't seem to work on the man in blue. He lights a cigar and takes a first puff that he releases in both their faces. The smoke creates a silently laughing head. The smoke circles them both, comically and hysterically laughing, before dissipating in front of them. The birds frown in anger and roll up their ''feathers''(sleeves). One of them even spit on the ground and punch his own hand, like to demonstrate what he could do to the man.

The man in blue glare at them from behind his fedora and, when they catch a glimpse of it, it seems that right in front of their eyes he grows in size. He grows bigger and bigger and they cower in fear, afraid of what he could do to them. They blink and suddenly he's gone, the door behind them closing with a silent ''bang''. They look at each other but shrugs nervously, refusing to enter the building to confront the guy. They want to keep their feathers, thank you.

Inside the building, the man in blue quickly reach his destination and open a door where a man is waiting, looking through the window in an ominous atmosphere. The man in blue sits awkwardly in the seat in front of the desk. He's so tall that the chair looks like it was made for a child.

The man turns around to acknowledge his presence. The intimidating man has an ugly face, with big lips and a big nose. His skin is covered in pimples, like a toad. Honestly, he isn't the most good-looking man around by a far stretch, but he looks menacing.

Suddenly, he grows smaller as he jumps from the stool that was put in front of the window. He's very short, like a dwarf. He produces a good amount of smoke from his four cigars held in his mouth.

The man moves the stool around to jump on his chair and put his tiny arms on his desk, crossing his fingers in front of his toad-looking face.

''It's your target.''

Someone comes out from the shadows, a butler sort of looking man, to put an upside-down picture on the desk that the boss glide towards the man in blue. The bird tries to take the picture but his partner is quicker. He holds the picture in front of his face and the bird has to cling to his jaw to be able to take a glimpse of it. The bird whistles at the sight of the beautiful woman in the picture, wiggling his eyebrows in an obvious flirting way.

There's suddenly two guns pointed at him and he faints in fear. He falls from his partner's shoulder and falls to the side of the chair where he's sitting. The man in blue only sigh and carefully pocket the picture in his jacket.

''I don't want any man approaching her until our wedding. She is mine. Anyone doing as much as staring too long at her, I want you to shoot a bullet between their eyes.'' To ''demonstrate'', he pokes between his own eyes with a large finger. He then breathes in sharply and smoke comes out of his nose ''Am I clear ?''

The bird, seemingly back to his senses, fly back to his partner's shoulder, though very obviously hiding behind the back of his head. The man in blue stands up abruptly, nearly making the bird on his shoulder fall back down. The bird clings to the back of his neck with his sharp claws, his wings around his throat. It doesn't seem to bother the blue man, however, as he keeps his attention towards the man sitting at the desk. He nods his head in simple acknowledgment of the request, before saying in his gravelly voice;

''How much ?''

The boss snap his fingers and the butler open a case full of cash. The eyes of the bird grow wide with dollar bills signs in them and he starts drooling. The amount of money doesn't seem to faze his partner, however, and he asks;

''I'll have the rest when ?''

The bird seems nervous at his partner's question but the man at the desk only laugh loudly.

''It's true when they say that you are a hard catch !''

The man grow serious once again and says between intertwined fingers;

''You'll have the rest on the day of my wedding.''

The man in blue only nods his head at this. He grabs the case full of money with a swift movement and starts walking towards the door.

''Before you go...''

The man stops at the door and looks behind his shoulder at the same time the bird does. He looks impassively at his new client. The man crush his four cigars into his tray as he says;

''Don't fall in love with my girl, you hear ?''

The man in blue only tips his fedora as an answer before exiting the room, closing the door behind him. The sound of the door closing is ominous and he has the strange sensation that he dug his own grave. The man in blue ignore the strong feeling in his guts and exit the building, the picture of a beautiful woman in his jacket's pocket.


When he arrives at the theater, it's more crowded than he thought. People are waiting for the actors arrival in bated breathe, some of them holding pictures for a dedication. Women are showering themselves in smelly perfume while men try to style their hair. Soon enough, they are served and limousines are pulling on the sidewalk. One after another, the limousines spits out the famous actors. The paparazzis tries to take pictures while they are rudely shoved to the side by the common fans that are screaming loudly at each of the individuals coming out of the cars. There are whistles and many screechy screams. The bird on his shoulder plucks his feathers in distress at this chaos while the man in blue only hums pensively. The bird looks at the man, as if asking how he can be so calm in all this cacophony, but then notice the cotton balls shoved in his ears. The bird frowns angrily but before he can throw a tantrum, the man holds out balls of cotton at him. The bird accepts it gratefully and sticks it in his ''ears''. They wait and wait until FINALLY, the woman they are waiting for comes out of one of the limousines.

She parades on the red carpet, looking at the cameras with such confidence that all the other actors seem to be forgotten. The flashes turn exclusively towards her and she poses for it, seductively. She waves flirtily towards the public there to welcome her and the men howls like wolves in heat. She struts away, her pretty derriere seeming to wave her goodbyes at the crowd. The men stare at her, tongues out, while women glare at her in jealousy.

The bird on his shoulder whistle at his partner, wiggling his eyebrows, before cowering at his glare. He sulks as the man in blue exit the crowd to follow the actors. Nobody stops him from following the actors and entering the building, despite the bodyguards around.

Like a shadow, the man is barely noticeable and none of the actors seem to notice him. When he doesn't find the woman that he's searching for, he goes to an actress he doesn't recognize -nor care enough to try- and pulls out the picture in his jacket's pocket. The actress frowns and looks away, crossing her arms on her massive breasts. The movement draws the attention of the bird that looks down at them, with a perverse smile on his beak. He's rapidly slapped on the head by his partner. The bird glare at the man, but he's ignored.

''Another one, huh? Why it's always her...''

The man in blue only grunts at her answer. She seems to understand the threat and quickly says;

''She's in her dressing room, preparing for her part. You can't miss it, there's her name on her door.''

The man pretends to not hear the ''the only one with her name on her door, like a princess'' murmured and walks away from the actress.

Like the actress said, it's not hard to find the woman's dressing room; The name is written in large letters, colored red on a bland green door. He knocks at the door, not announcing who he is however. He's not talkative like that.

''Yes ? Please, feel free to enter, I'm too busy to come open the door !''

At the answer, he doesn't waste time to enter the room, closing the door behind him and even locking it without a sound. The beautiful actress is arranging her makeup, her focus on the giant mirror sitting in front of her. When she sees his reflection, however, she sharply turns around and stares at him. Before she can ask, he pulls out her picture and throws it on her dressing desk, where it lands perfectly. He nods his fedora at her, as a greeting, imitated by his bird companion on his shoulder.

''Lucy Love, I am here to guard you until the day of your wedding with my client. ''
It's short and to the point, barely offering her any comfort from her new situation.

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PostSubject: Re: A marriage ?! A bodyguard ?!   Fri 6 Oct - 16:04

The black hair beautiful awoken to the sound of her alarm clock screaming at her with its hand waving in the air. She glares at the clock which shut up and looked scared at her before jumping off the bed to be chase by Buffy who was up already. The clock was ticking scare as the small black kitten chase it with its deadly claws. Lucy rubbed her eyes from sleep and sit up as she hops off her bed to her vanity to looked at the mirror. The demon rarely suffers from looking any less perfect even when she was rolling around in her sleep.Her hair perfectly fell in light curls pass her pale white shoulder. Her black eyes shine with no bags under them at all. A black beauty mark rested below her left eye as she admires its perfectly round shape. She was nothing less than perfect which made her feel like she always needed to be. She grabbed her black lipstick and applied it carefully on her lips until the black covered her pale white lips.

After applying her makeup for the day, she grabbed the white gloves that rested on the vanity. She shoves her hands through her gloves before going into her dresser and changing into one her typical black dress with the white accent that made her well her. She slide her black thigh high up her pale legs as the fabric slide up her leg, she let out a light sigh and slipped on her white heels that match her whole outfit.

"Let do this."

She grinned as she walked down the stairs with ease even with the heels she was wearing. The demon looked over to see Buffy trying to reach the clock who somehow climbed onto the table trying to get away from the frisky kitten. She chuckles at the kitten failed attempts to try to climb up a chair to the table. Bending over, she picked up the kitten and rubbed the cats head with the palm on her gloved hand.

"Buffy, leave the clock alone. Why don't you go clean up for breakfast?"

Lucy put the kitten back on the floor before walking over to the refrigerator and open it before digging through it and pulling out some bacon and some eggs. She uses her hips to close the refrigerator and begin to cook the bacon in one pan and eggs in another pan. She was whistling away as she grabbed some plates to set the table. Once the food was all cooked up, she put some bacon and eggs on both plates.

"Food ready."

Buffy came tumbling in in a fast speed and jumping on the chair which she missed and ended up having to be caught by Lucy. She giggles at the kitten silliness.

"Be careful Buffy."

She kisses the kitten forehead and set the cat on the chair. Then went to her on the chair as she pokes her food and took a little nibble here and there. Lucy never ate much, to begin with. She twirls her fork around her eggs before deeming herself not hungry and giving the rest to Buffy who was pretty much inhaling her food.

"Eat slower, you are going choke yourself, Silly."

The cat looks at her before slowly taking bites of the bacon as if to mock her and finally finished the last of her food. She rolled her eyes at the cat before taking the plates to the sink. A honk from outside signal her that it was time for work. She grabbed her keys from the counter and dragged Buffy outside. Clicking the keys into the keyhole, she locked the door and heading over to the limo.

"It is showtime."

The drive was uneventful which was good for her as she could go deep into her thoughts. Her eyes glaze over as she stared into the distance outside. Her hands rested on her lap, balled up in a tight fist. Buffy head rested near her lap with Z coming out as the kitten had fallen asleep halfway through the drive. She could feel the darkness in her mind poke fun at her as a little devil kept poking her with a fork and saying horrible things to her. She shakes her head which the demon fell over and got poked by his own fork in his butt. A scream escapes the demon mouth as he disappears in smoke.

The limo stopped as flashes of lights embrace the windows. A smile emerges from her face as she opens the door and exits the limo with the kitten following her close behind. She poses for a picture and blew kisses to her fans. Though when she was out of the view of her fans, her smile dropped from her face.

She ignores the glares and rude comments by the other actresses. The other actors were gawking at her which she just waved at them with a smile. At her door, she opens it and shut it quietly behind her. Once she was out of view she begins to show her true emotions. A sad smile replace her own as she felt tears threaten to fall from her face. She went to sit at her vanity and apply some powder to her face. A knock was heard as she was applying her lipstick.

''Yes ? Please, feel free to enter, I'm too busy to come open the door !''

Lucy was applying some lipstick to fixed any 'mistakes' she had made but really she just wanted to do something to keep her mind off her depression. She looked up into the mirror when she sees someone enter her room. He was tall and in a suit and his skin was blue. He would of look scary to her if she was not getting distracted by the kitten who decided it was the perfect time to jump into her lap. He had pulled her picture out and dropped it onto her desk. A confuse looked crossed her face before she looked at his curiosity.

''Lucy Love, I am here to guard you until the day of your wedding with my client. "

Her mind freeze when she thought of when she was getting married. She never agrees to marry someone. There were many fans who purpose to her, and she always politely declines them.

"Wait? What."

Lucy did not have time to freak out as her producer stick his head into her room and told her it was showtime. She got up as she looked at the mirror real quick and just nods her head at the producer who left.

"If you excuse me, I have to work."

She said politely before walking past him to her the stage with her kitten following her. Buffy sat in her own chair label Buffy on it. She followed the director who was showing where she was supposed to be and when she was supposed to come out.[/b]

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PostSubject: Re: A marriage ?! A bodyguard ?!   Fri 6 Oct - 18:08

The man in blue doesn't seem surprised that the beautiful actress that he was hired to guard wasn't informed of her own wedding. It's not his problem, however, and he doesn't offer his sympathies to her nor feel the need to do so. The bird on his shoulder jump in surprise when the door open to reveal a man with a reel of films as a head. The man glare at them, ready to say something about their presence inside Lucy Love's dressing room, but shut himself off when the fedora man turns towards him with a glaring bird on his shoulder. Despite the glaring, the bird's smoking is nervous. The producer, certainly not used to this kind of pressure, nor seeing the bird's own nervousness, back down and apologize for his rude behavior. He even asks Lucy Love if her ''friend'' want something, which the man in blue refuse with a short grunt. The door is firmly closed behind Lucy Love and the man is alone in the dressing room, asides from his partner and the little cat sitting in his own chair. The fedora man looks down at the little cat for a few minutes, silently, before his gloved hand comes scratch it behind the ears. He then finds a seat with no name and sits in it, trying to make himself comfortable despite his uncomfortable tallness. His partner starts glaring at the little kitty but he's rudely stopped by a slap on the beak. The bird scoffs and sulks away, wings crossed. Not bothering by his moody partner, the man pulls a book from nowhere and starts reading, ignoring the other occupants in the room.

After an hour, the man in blue closes his book in a ''snap'', waking up the cat that was dozing off on its chair and startling his partner who was rummaging through the actress's stuff. The bird flies back to his shoulder when he stands up suddenly, the man looking ready to leave the dressing room. Before doing so, however, he grabs the kitty and put it in his jacket's pocket, who is weirdly enough big enough for the cat. The pet doesn't seem afraid of this and only doze off once again, little ''Z'' coming out of the pocket.

The man swiftly opens the door and comes face to face with a gorilla-looking man, holding flowers. The glare the gorilla receive is threatening enough for the flowers to scream in terror and run away. The smile that was on the gorilla's face melt away like clown makeup in rain and the man slowly backs away, far far away from the dressing room and the scary fedora guy. The bird chuckles wickedly on his shoulder.

The man in blue start walking toward the studio, where of course the actress he has to protect is there working.

When he arrives, it's break time and several men start circling around her, like vultures ready for their meal. The actress is sitting on a seat, on a higher ground than the other actors(literally) as if the producer is giving her a better a treatment, and the male actors start climbing their way. Before the nearest guy can get close enough to speak to her, he's being stepped on by nice leather shoes, making him lose his footing and fall to the ground, alongside the other guys who the same thing happened to them.

The man in blue, who finished climbing by stepping on everyone's head, sweep the dust away from his suit and looks at Lucy Love. He greets her with a silent nod, before reaching for his pocket and showing her the little kitty sleeping in it.

''People tries to get into your dressing room, i'll install a lock tomorrow.''

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PostSubject: Re: A marriage ?! A bodyguard ?!   Fri 6 Oct - 18:45

Lucy strolled to the studio set with many of her fawning actors following after her. They were gawking at her with hearts flying out from their heads. Her confident smile filled her face as she waved at the female actors who were whispering horrible things at her. They bluntly ignored her with their noses up in the air. Shrugging it off, she heard her director coming over and giving her one his smile which hit the riled of his film face.

"My bright star, why don't you have a sit. Your scene is next."

She nodded her head as she looked at the tall chair that made a shivered go down her back. Small lines went around her as she lightly shiver at the thought of climbing the chair. A gush a wind swoosh around making it harder for her to reach the top. She made the top with a groan escaping her mouth as she plop down in the soft cushions of her chair.

The male admires try to go after her ,but they failed as they ended up fighting over her. She could hear one man calling the other man Brodie. It ended up with them fighting with their fist out. They try to jab at each other. One got a good hit on the other ,and he fell over and slam into the chair which cause it to slightly rock. Her hands grip the handle of the chair and a light yelp escape her mouth.

The other guy started to climb up the chair and did not make it when he was stomp on by a black clad foot. It let go on the chair and fell on the floor with a nice crack appearing over his head. The other guy had gotten up as well and tried to climb ,but he too was hit by the shoe and fell down to his 'death.' The guy eyes turned white as a ghost floated from his head playing a harp for good measure. The two ghost floated to the top of the building until a gate of heaven open up and let him inside. The gate open to one them being kick in the butt out of it and into the ground which hell gate open and suck him in. The guy tried to hold on the edge but was grabbed by a black clad hand until hell.

'Well, I will be seeing him later.'

Lucy notice the black clad blue man was standing nearby and nodded at her which she smile at him and the bird on his shoulder. He motion to his pocket which her kitten was sleeping away. She could not help but smile at the kitten and feel her heart beat crazily for the little thing. She felt a heart form around her halo.

''People tries to get into your dressing room, i'll install a lock tomorrow."

She just nodded her head before going back to looking at the scene before her.
The male actor of the set was messing up and being yelled at the director who had steam coming from his ears. His face was bright red as he kept giving order to the fumbling fool. The male actor finally got the line right ,and she cheer at the guy which cause him to turn bright red and faint on the stop.

"Not again. You need stop doing that Lucy. Anyways, you are up."

The director sighed as he move his head to the next scene. She hopped off the chair and landed on the ground with ease. It was a high fall ,but she had demonic ability that prevent her from hurting herself. She landed gracefully before patting her clothes down and going over to the stage. The stage hands were moving the fainted guy off the stage. Well more like dragging him off the stage. She perform her scene with perfect acting that made the director glad that someone took their acting seriously.

When she was done, she waved at the director signaling that she will be in her room with a point toward the room area. Lucy note that the blue man was following her. She goes to her dresser room and let out a sigh as she sat back at her vanity. She let out a light sigh before crossing her arms around her chest. A huff escape her pouty lips as turned to looked at the blue man.

"I do not need a body guard."

The kitten had tried to make an escape from the blue man pocket. It kept trying to claw it way out. It must of woken up hearing the voice of her mother. It finally was free by the man and made it way to her and hop onto her lap before nudging it way between the crossed arms. It was trying to break the tension coming from the girl.

"I am not going to marry him."

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PostSubject: Re: A marriage ?! A bodyguard ?!   

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A marriage ?! A bodyguard ?!
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